5 Super Sexy Outfits That Will Spice Up Your Romance


ometimes, to get the attention of your partner is as simple as sliding into a sexy ensemble and they’ll ditch the video game for a time in your presence. Never underestimate the power of a subtle sultry outfit. From having him stare at you all day, to him randomly taking photos of you both loved up, the right outfit can play an important role in spicing up your romance. outfits that will spice up your romance.

Clothes can be used to project our intentions and if a spark is what you need in your relationship, then it’s expedient that you turn to outfits that will spice up your romance. Let the unflattering pieces be relegated to the background and allow sexy take center stage. Whether you opt for outfits that ooze sexy without trying, or the ones that unapologetically flaunt what you’ve got, you’ll be setting him on fire the instant you show up. 

Check out 5 outfits that will certainly spice up your relationship…

#1. A silk slip dress outfits that will spice up your romance

If there’s an award for sexiest fabric alive, it would undeniably go to silk. It’s the way it subtly drips sexy as it embraces the body in a flattering way that makes it top of this list. Opt for a slip dress in silk if refined seductress is the vibe you’re aiming for. It’s like a shapeshifter as it takes on a body and owns it.  Outfits that will spice up your romance.



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#2. Side slit maxi dress

A maxi dress might conceal a silhouette but a side slit is just the right balance. Flowy dresses are outfits that will spice up your romance, don’t believe me? Sit pretty and let the fabric sensually slide off to reveal your skin, and watch your man’s reaction. 




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#3. Leather mini skirt

Leather has always been feisty. Take a free suggestion to wear a mini leather skirt and a spaghetti strap top. In addition, show off your legs with the right shoes and this ensemble will immediately come alive. There’s no going back from this.


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#4. A tube dress

Shoulders are sexy but highly unexplored. Show them off in a tube dress and watch this singular outfit spark up things inside your significant other. Tubes are back in style and there’s no better time to wear them out on that evening date as now. They are absolutely a great choice that will spice up your romance. Outfits that will spice up your romance.


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#5. Oversized boyfriend shirt

You can take this literally and ransack your partner’s wardrobe for that oversized shirt you could rock. This is as much a bonding trick as it is a style statement. There are countless ways you can wear an oversized boyfriend shirt–from mini skirts, to stylish pants and shorts–the free size allows for different looks. Also, you can style this top further by converting it to a crop to (by tying it into a knot) to pulling it off your shoulder for an off shoulder look. Get creative with the shirt and tuck it into a denim skirt for that edgy look.  


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