Audio Player with Playlist V2 WP Plugin


This plugin can be added into any post or page area using shortcodes.

Comes with over 60 predefined layouts, live preset demo editor in wp admin area, ability to import / export playlists, css editor.

Video installation:

Video tutorials on creating some playlists:

Video tutorials on creating some presets:

Features and options:

  • Responsive layouts
  • Font Awesome Library icons
  • Only mp3 audio format required for all browsers and devices
  • Support for media from Google Drive, Amazon S3.. (any public link that plays in browser)
  • Support for Shoutcast servers that have mp3 streaming
  • Playlist options available:
    • Audio mp3 playlist
    • Google drive folder playlist
    • XML playlist
    • Database playlist
    • Auto create playlist from folder of mp3 files (and get id3 tags)
    • Podcasts
    • SoundCloud (track set, user tracks, single track, user favorites, user groups)
  • Mix different media types in the same playlist
  • Play music continously across web pages (with option to open popup player is a separate window)
  • Automatically hide currently playing audio source to prevent audio download
  • Include multiple instances in the same page
  • Optional playlist
  • Optional sortable playlist items
  • Optional song url link in playlist
  • Filter tracks in playlist by title
  • Optional playlist scroll (scroll orientation vertical / horizontal)
  • Optional vertical volume
  • Optional circular seekbar (progress bar)
  • Optional tooltips
  • Optional song download
  • Optional title auto scroll horizontally
  • Optional random playback
  • Optional song playback speed
  • Optional song start / end time
  • Media end action (go to next song / loop current song)
  • Optional keyboard audio navigation (pause/play, mute/unmute, next, previous)
  • Automatically created thumbnails for podcast, soundcloud
  • Optional social share (facebook, twitter, tumblr, google plus + other social networks can be added)
  • API methods available
    • Play media
    • Pause media
    • Toggle playback
    • Next media
    • Previous media
    • Load media
    • Load playlist
    • Add track(s) to playlist
    • Remove track(s) from playlist
    • Sort playlist items by title / random (ascending / descending)
    • Destroy media
    • Destroy playlist
    • Set playback rate
    • Toggle random
    • Toggle playlist loop
    • Get / set volume
    • Toggle mute
    • Seek
    • Get current time
    • Get duration
    • Get load progress
    • Download media
    • Set autoplay
    • Set title
    • Get playlist transition on
    • Get playlist loaded
    • Get active item id
    • Get playlist length
    • Get media playing
    • Get playlist data
    • Get current media data
    • Init scroll
    • Destroy scroll
    • Get settings
  • Callbacks available
    • Setup done
    • Playlist end
    • Playlist start load
    • Playlist end load
    • Playlist empty
    • Media empty
    • Destroy media
    • Destroy playlist
    • Media triggered
    • Media start
    • Media play
    • Media pause
    • Media end
    • Media seek
    • Playlist item enabled
    • Playlist item disabled
    • Playlist item rollover
    • Playlist item rollout
    • Playlist item click
    • Volume change
    • Progress change
    • Filter change
    • Playback rate change

SoundCloud requires API key (make sure you have one or you can obtain it from SoundCloud before buying this player)

Updates / Changelog

UPDATE 2.1.1 [4.1.2020]

 - [UPDATE] thumb image fit cover

UPDATE 2.1 [13.05.2017]

 - [FIX] added circleplayer and id3tag missing files

UPDATE 2.05 [7.05.2017]

 - [FIX] tooltip bugs
 - [FIX] fixed IE popup window not working

UPDATE 2.01 [30.3.2017]

 - [FIX] added mp3 mime types for google drive folder

UPDATE 2.00 [13.3.2017]

 - [FIX] small bug fixes in backend
 - [CHANGE] youtube api removed

UPDATE 1.85 [6.3.2017]

 - [FIX] fixed media uploader search field focus in playlist manager
 - [UPDATE] jquery code improvements

UPDATE 1.80 [8.2.2017]

 - [UPDATE] improved loading files from folder (desired folder now contains both mp3 and image thumbnails, thumbnails auto detect extension)
 - [FIX] some bugs

UPDATE 1.76 [27.1.2017]

 - [FIX] fixed bug with preset/playlist selector not firing change event in some jquery instances 
 - [UPDATE] songs are not sortable by dragging
 - [UPDATE] new shortcodes included (add toggle button, volume button), more to come

UPDATE 1.75 [19.1.2017]

 - [UPDATE] added sidebar to fixed_bottom5 preset 
 - [UPDATE] added custom content to playlist items (now you can add custom HTML to each playlist item)

UPDATE 1.7 [13.1.2017]

 - [UPDATE] improved admin

UPDATE 1.5.1 [11.1.2017]

 - [FIX] some bugs

UPDATE 1.3.1 [3.1.2017]

 - [FIX] fixed continuous playback bug

UPDATE 1.3.1 [25.12.2016]

 - [FIX] unique playlist/preset id is generated when we import / duplicate playlists

UPDATE 1.3 [20.12.2016]

 - [UPDATE] improved youtube mobile playback
 - [UPDATE] some inner code improvements

UPDATE 1.25 [7.12.2016]

 - [UPDATE] added option for continous playback across different pages by remembering playback position (continousPlayback)

UPDATE 1.2 [19.11.2016]

 - [FIX] fixed creation of same multiple instances and pause playback toggle

UPDATE 1.1.5 [30.10.2016]

 - [FIX] fixed wp media uploader css z-index

UPDATE 1.1.5 [23.10.2016]

 - [FIX] fixed wp media uploader multiple instances 
 - [FIX] fixed jquery spectrum destroy
 - [CHANGE] added button for showing preset live in backend 

UPDATE 1.1.0 [15.10.2016]

 - [UPDATE] improved playlist/preset id handling
 - [UPDATE] active playlist in preset manager demo is now set to active playlist on preset manager load, not first playlist

UPDATE 1.0.3 [11.10.2016]

 - [UPDATE] added mediaEndAction option (loop, rewind, stop)
 - [UPDATE] exposed playlist and preset ID for shortcode in admin

UPDATE 1.0.2 [18.9.2016]

  • [UPDATE] added playlist option from google drive folder (both mp3 files and image thumbnails, or just mp3 files)
  • [UPDATE] updated help file, added api and callbacks section for the player
  • [UPDATE] updated jquery.mCustomScrollbar.concat.min file to work with jquery 3 (it was throwing indexOf error)

VERSION 1.0.0 [12.09.2016]

  • first release


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