four Extra Google Adverts Scripts to Automate Duties, Save Time

Google Adverts scripts automate routine duties. Final fall, I shared three such scripts which are useful to me.

  • Hyperlink Checker scans all account URLs and sends alerts for errors, reminiscent of 404 page-not-found or 301 redirects.
  • Unfavourable Key phrase Conflicts critiques all account key phrases to detect if a detrimental key phrase is obstructing a optimistic one. Say I bid on the precise match key phrase “free mission administration options,” however I’ve “free” as a detrimental key phrase. The script will inform me that I’m not displaying adverts for my optimistic key phrase.
  • Overdelivery. Generally Google will spend past your day by day funds. This script pauses particular person campaigns if they’re over funds and mechanically resumes them the following day.

On this put up, I’ll handle 4 extra Google Adverts scripts that automate duties and save time. (All Google Adverts scripts, by the way, are written in JavaScript.)

Disapproved Adverts Alerts

What it does. No account is ideal. Generally Google will disapprove adverts. As an alternative of manually checking every advert group or operating a filter to view all disapproved adverts, you possibly can arrange “Disapproved Adverts Alerts” to inform. The script, from developer-consultant Nils Rooijmans, offers an output in Google Sheets with the disapproved adverts, together with their campaigns and advert teams, and the explanation for disapproval. I sometimes run the script day by day.

What to customise. This script requires solely two updates.

  • SPREADSHEET_URL. Create a Google Sheet and paste its URL.
  • EMAIL. Add the e-mail handle(es) of whoever ought to obtain the report. A number of emails are comma-separated.

The script. Copy the “Disapproved Adverts Alerts” script.

Account Down

What it does. Adverts can cease displaying for a number of causes, together with account suspension and invalid cost strategies. Nonetheless, accounts might be energetic with no exercise as a consequence of disapproved adverts, detrimental key phrases that block optimistic ones, incorrect dayparting settings, and extra. It’s important to know if an account has no exercise, whether or not its impressions, clicks, or price. Regardless of the metric, the “Account Down” script from Optmyzr runs hourly and sends a notification if there was no exercise throughout a chosen variety of hours.

What to customise. This script requires three updates.

  • EMAIL_ADDRESS_TO_NOTIFY. Add the e-mail handle(es) of who receives the notification.
  • NUM_HOURS_TO_CHECK. The variety of hours of account inactivity earlier than sending a notification. For dayparting, the worth ought to be increased than the chronological variety of hours. For instance, in the event you’ve set your adverts to be inactive for 5 hours, this subject ought to be at the very least six.
  • METRIC_TO_CHECK. Impressions is the really useful metric. If the account hasn’t seen any impressions within the designated variety of hours, one thing is probably going improper.

The script. Obtain the “Account Down” script.

Trending Search Phrases

What it does. A Google Adverts account might have hundreds of recent search phrases each week. Every time period has optimization settings, reminiscent of:

  • Including detrimental key phrases for irrelevant queries.
  • Implementing new key phrases.
  • Creating new campaigns or advert teams to assign extra funds to worthwhile phrases.
  • Writing new adverts.

The “Trending Search Phrases” script, additionally by Nils Rooijmans, identifies search phrases with at the very least 50 increased or decrease impressions. Trending Search Phrases offers insights into searchers’ priorities.

What to customise.

  • SPREADSHEET_URL. Create a Google Sheet and paste its URL.
  • EMAIL_ADDRESSES. Add the e-mail handle(es) of who receives the notification.
  • EMAIL_SUBJECT. The topic line of the e-mail that accommodates the report, reminiscent of “Search Phrases Developments for Account [X].”

The script. Copy the “Trending Search Phrases” script.

Geo Anomaly Detector

What it does. This day by day script, additionally from Optmyzr, compares the averages of varied metrics — clicks, impressions, price, conversions — throughout all focused areas, after which sends alerts for uncommon variances. The Google Sheets output appears to be like on the metrics for sooner or later and compares them to the typical of a earlier, designated variety of weeks, which customers can customise. The script might report how the metrics for yesterday (a Tuesday, say) in comparison with the earlier eight Tuesdays for a given location. The variety of weeks, the metric, and the edge might be custom-made within the script.

For instance, say Boston sometimes has 100 conversions on Thursdays, however the latest Thursday had solely 25. The Geo Anomaly Detector script might ship a notification of the change. Potential causes embody a decrease funds, a new bidding technique, and even an exterior issue, reminiscent of a vacation.

What to customise.

  • LAST_N_WEEKS. The variety of earlier weeks to assessment.
  • EMAILS. The e-mail handle(es) of who ought to obtain the notification.
  • MIN_CLICKS_PER_DAY. The minimal variety of day by day clicks to set off an alert.
  • INC_PCT. The proportion change within the metric that can set off a notification.
  • INC_ABS. The mixed share and absolute modifications within the metric that can set off a notification.

The script. Obtain the “Geo Anomaly Detector” script.

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