Gateway Plugin For GigToDo Script


Introducing – Gateway Plugin V1.2

NB: You need the GigToDo Script for this to work.

Introducing our gateway plugin to provide more options and features to the GigToDo script.

Features Included

Contains the following features.

– 2Checkout – For Payments
– Bank account – For Withdrawals
– MoneyGram – For Withdrawals
– YouTube – For Sharing Videos
– Vimeo – For Sharing Videos


Make sure manual payouts in General Settings is set to “Yes” in order for bank account and MoneyGram withdrawals to work. Activating this plugin also automatically adds an extra option for users to embed YouTube or Vimeo videos.
Having users upload videos from their computers locally could fill up your server real quick. This saves you the hassle. Have users upload on YouTube & Vimeo and just share the embedded code on your GigToDo Script.

Users can paste their embedded code here from either YouTube or Vimeo
Gateway Plugin For GigToDo Script 1


In Account Settings

Here sellers can add in their MoneyGram details for withdrawal.
Gateway Plugin For GigToDo Script 2


Revenue Page

Different options for withdrawals. Bank account and MoneyGram have been added.
Gateway Plugin For GigToDo Script 3


Admin Section (Bank Transfer and MoneyGram for Withdrawing)

Gateway Plugin For GigToDo Script 4


Admin Section (2checkout for Payments)


Gateway Plugin For GigToDo Script 5


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