Make It Retina (jQuery plugin for retina display)



23/08/2013: version: 1.3
-Fixed a bug that appeared on firefox with backgrounds. Now it works correctly.
(thanks to jaminroe)

15/02/2013: version: 1.2
-Fixed a particular bug that occurs when the parent tag of an image was set to display:none.
Now the size of the image is correctly set even in these cases instead of width:0 and height:0;

28/07/2012: version: 1.1
-Fixed a bug with backgrounds that already have a background-size attribute specified.
-Significantly improved the efficiency of the optional control of the retinal images existence before they are replaced.


This plugin does all the necessary code to make your site compatible with the retina display. Automatically.
No need to restructure the entire website And it is super easy to use.

1. Make sure you have the jQuery library included in your website;
2. Include the Make It Retina plugin;
3. Use this -> $.makeItRetina();
4. You’ re done!

Works only when it detects the retinal display, so the site does not weight for users with standard screens.
Replaces all the images with the respective high-resolution version without having to specify the size or “do things”! It also works with backgrounds!


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