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PWF WooCommerce Product Filters is a powerful, flexible WooCommerce Product Filters by categories, taxonomies, attributes, tags, meta, price, stock status, orderby, author, come with Friendly Admin panel.

video: How to use PWF plugin?.

Main Features

  1. Code Performance.
  2. Filter by Metadate with counting.
  3. Responsive: smart display for mobile and tablet[ resize demo page and reload page ]
  4. API: plugin API integrated with the WooCommerce REST API, useful if you have Android or iPhone App to display Woocommerce filter like frontend demo.
    [ PWF plugin display products list like Woocommerce API more details here.

PWF WooCommerce Product Filters - 2


  1. RTL.
  2. Unlimited filter.
  3. AJAX Products Filter.
  4. Adaptive filter options and product counts.
  5. Drag and drop admin panel see admin panel.
  6. Items Checkbox, Radio, Text list, Date, Price slider, Box list, Color list [ color or upload image ], Dropdown [ option select2 ], columns, Button.
  7. Widget “PWF: Products Filters”.
  8. Shortcodes integrate a filter with Woocommerce shortcodes.
  9. Shop integrated – integrate a filter with shop archive page by assign filter id to shop page.
  10. Integrate with WPML plugin.
  11. Language: English, Arabic, Persian.

is this plugin Compatible with Your theme?

  • By default The plugin Compatible with most WordPress themes.
  • The theme must use template content-product.php or any template name to display products this template can found in the Woocommerce plugin, theme, child theme.
  • You can use a filter hook to change the template used by the plugin.
  • Test First, send me an email using the contact form on my profile page and I will send the plugin with some functionally so you can test the ajax.

Tested Themes

More coming soon

Avada, Enfold, Woodmart, Astra, Astra PRO, Storefront, Shoptimizer, Atelier, Beaver Builder Theme, Flatsome, BoxShop, JupiterX, Divi,Twenty Twenty, Salient, Phlox, Porto, TheGem, XStore, Martfury, Urna, Mediacenter, Stockie, Savoy, the7, Udesign, Total, Brooklyn, Karma, Oshine, Soledad, Stockholm, REHub, Striking, Massive Dynamic, Electro, The Ark, The Retailer, 907, Legenda, Gioia, Business Hub, OceanWp, KALLYAS, Consulting, Nitro, WPLMS, BeTheme, Marketo, Kapee, Konte, Basel, eMarket, Chromium, GreenMart, Besa, Puca, Sober, Shopkeeper, eKommart, Freshio, Merchandise, UpStore, Anon, Cerato, iBid, Medizin, Zonex, Shopinia, thefox, Ronneby, Hongo.

PWF WooCommerce Product Filters - 3

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Translated By:

Persian by rezaaria


-- Version 1.1.2  (13 October 20)
- Add PHP code to themes require compitable.
- Fixed issue if the site doesn't end with slash ex: shop/

-- Version 1.1.1 (4 October 20)
- Fixed Js for Price Slider when it is duplicated.
- Add more do_action for customization.

-- Version 1.1.0 (2 October 20)
- Enhancement a filter integrates with Woocommerce shortcode.

-- Version 1.0.9 (20 September 2020)
- Fixed pagination for the filter integrated with the shop.

-- Version 1.0.8 (20 September 2020)
- Fixed integrate filter with shop page on a taxonomy page.
- Fixed Pagination for shortcode.

-- Version 1.0.7 (12 September 2020)
- Add Language Persian
- Add Filters hook.
- Fix url_key on in the filter duplicate issue.
- Fixed an issue when they attributes or taxonomies are empty

-- Version 1.0.6
- fixed terms count on shop archive like the product category, taxonomy, product tags
- Add a filter hook using to change the template used with ajax when reloading products.
- Fixed show all text when no options display.
- Delete cached terms when edit/save/update products.
- Add min and max date for API.
- Enhancement documentation.

-- Version 1.0.5 (1 September 20)
- Enhancement JS on the frontend
- Using Woocommerce currency position
- Edit files: class-pwf-render-filter.php, class-pwf-front-end-ajax.php, frontend/scripts.js

-- Version 1.0.4 (26 August 20)
- Add: new option scroll to a selector CSS class.
- Update: change mobile order for the button ( apply - rest) to be ( reset - apply )
- Fixed: term counts for taxonomy and product category.
- Fixed: filter integrated with shop archive fix when directly go to,10
- fixed: order by for terms.
- Fixed: colorlist, boxlist , text list when the status is disabled.
- Fixed: fix currency symbol.

-- Version 1.0.3 (23 August 20)
Add: Arabic Language translation.
Fixed: Enhancement CSS, Javascript, PHP.

-- Version 1.0.2
Fixed: load text domain
Edit Files: pwfwoofilter.php, class-pwf-front-end-ajax.php, front.scripts.min.js

-- Version 1.0.1 
Fixed: Js error when using "strict mode" 
Update: Translated text in class-pwf-meta.php


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