WooCommerce Currency Manager (WCCM)


WooCommerce Currency Manager gives full control over currencies in WooCommerce.

Plugin features

  • Add or update any currency
  • Add or update any exchange rate
  • Refresh exchange rates automatically (hourly, twice a day or daily)
  • Compatible with popular exchange rate aggregators (Fixer.io, jsonrates, oanda, open exchange rates)
  • Display exchange rates using colors (green/red) to see if a rate is good or not
  • Add a currency switcher where you want using widget or shortcode

For developers

  • Change the currency using the URL parameter (?currency=EUR) or cookies
  • Use plugin functions to convert prices in your payment gateways
  • Works with code like $product->get_price_html();

Supported exchange rate aggregators

WCCM can automatically fetch exchange rates from the following aggregators.


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