WordPress Blog App Template for iPhone and iPad


With this template you can turn any WordPress Blog into an iOS APP.

The articles are grouped by categories or tag.
In the first view you can see the list of categories and in each row the relative articles.

Tapping on the Category Name, the APP shows the articles list, otherwise if you Tap on the Article you can see the detail.

Inside the article it’s possible to share on social or by e-mail with the native iOS share functionality or you can also post a comment.

WordPress Blog App Template for iPhone and iPad - 1

Fast and Easy Setup:

The app is automatically linked with your blog just changing the base url in a string.

Activate the JSON API Plugin in WordPress

Customize icon and logo, using psd files included in this template, generate the new image and replace them in the project.

Easily customize colors and fonts, changing few strings in the Utility.swift file.

You can choose also to use Push Notifications, enabling it in APP and in WordPress with its plugin

If you want to see the view statistics of your application, you can enable Google Analytics in the APP.


  • XCode 8.3.2 project – Swift 3.1 – 64bit
  • iOS 10 Ready – iOS 9 compatible
  • Xib files
  • AutoLayout & Size Classes
  • 2 different Tag View:

    – 2 row grid list images view

    – List view
  • Search
  • Push Notifications
  • Lazy loading for images and articles
  • Google Analytics
  • Multitasking View Support on iPad
  • English, Italian and Arabic Language Support
  • RTL Support
  • AdMob

With this App Template you can also learn how to:

  • Populate a TableView
  • Populate a CollectionView
  • Share functionality
  • Querying API to get or post data to a server
  • Pull Down to refresh new data from server
  • Track users events with Google Analytics
  • Manage Push Notifications
  • Localize App (IT – EN – AR)
  • Use of Cocoapods
  • Inject CSS or JavaScript to customize the article detail view

Sources and Credits:

What you get:

  • Full XCode 8 Project 64bit with source code written in Swift 3
  • iPhone and iPad APP
  • High Quality User Guide (PDF) with step by step configuration with screenshots
  • PSD Template for icon and logo used in APP
  • Our support

We are here to help you. For any question or information, please leave a comment on this page. Thank you!  :)


23.09.2016 - ver 1.1
   - AdMob added
   - RTL Support Added
   - Implemented Arabic language ( Thanks to Riyadh Aljuwaee for the translations )
   - Upgrade to Xcode 8 and Swift 3
   - Removed some Pod and entering the code directly into the Xcode application project for migration to Swift 3.
22.05.2017 - ver 1.2
   - Removed Haneke
   - Added Kingfisher for image cache
   - Upgrade to Xcode 8.3.2 and Swift 3.1


As per Envato rules, you must purchase WordPress Blog APP under an Extended License if:

  • You plan to sell your own version of this app on the AppStore
  • You use In-App Purchase.
  • You plan to sell your own version of this app on Flippa and similar markets.



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